What I Learned from My Own Leadership Limitations (aka Mistakes, I’ve Made a Few)

Like any professional, I learned on the job and did the best I could with the tools I was born with. I progressed up the Human Resources ladder at Fortune 500 companies, worked with aspiring leaders, experienced leaders and mentors, and managed amazing employees. But it took me years – YEARS – to overcome three major leadership flaws. The limitations held me back and held my team back. I was only able to grow and change through coaching, focus, and daily practice.

Now that I’m an executive coach based in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and New York City, I feel like I can spill my leadership limitations:

  1. I talked at people instead of speaking to them. Empathy and active listening are key components to create a meaningful dialog with others. Connections are frequently established between people when listeners are touched at their core and a bond is created.
  2. I frequently refused to accept input from others. And, unfortunately, the people I shut out most often were the professionals working within my team. Some of the best leaders are those who know what they don’t know – and are honest about it.
  3. I guarded information as a knight would protect his castle. As a result, my team missed deadlines and underachieved. Instead, what I should have done is delegate and communicate in the proper manner. When I started openly sharing information and communicating, team members felt valued and we got more work done. We were then a team with shared values and goals.

Do you know your leadership limitations? I’ve walked my own path – and still do every day. I’d love to help you walk your path. Let’s talk about executive coaching.