How to Spot Talent When You Don’t Have Time to Think

Leadership is a privilege and a pain in the neck. Leaders can reap great benefits – sometimes financial, sometimes in self-awareness and personal growth, and often in satisfaction and gratitude. However, the downside of holding a position of responsibility can be a lack of time and ability to focus vitally important components of your job. One very important aspect of leadership that causes sporadic anxiety and receives too little bandwidth is spotting and nurturing talent. I often work with leaders in New York City and Fairfield County CT on this issue.

Here are three tips to help you locate talent within your organization:

  • Seek out well connected employees: They communicate across the organization and spend more time collaborating internally with others. These employees are most likely to show leadership qualities.
  • Look for character: These individuals possess an inner strength and commitment to achieve success. One method to gauge character is to observe employees interacting with colleagues. Who within the group willingly takes responsibility and demonstrates respect to all others? Who asks questions and offers to seek out answers? Who listens?
  • Identify employees who are committed: Commitment is the hallmark of a good leader. Which employees are putting in the extra effort? Who continually seeks career development? Who focuses on the details?

Sometimes your best talent isn’t the most experienced. Sometimes your best talent might be in another department but has perhaps expressed interest in transitioning teams. Sometimes your best talent isn’t the loudest, showiest or flashing the highest degrees and credentials. Look for employees who are connected, filled with character, and committed to your organization.


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