Change Happens: Transition Coaching

I just Googled “change quotes” – Good Reads alone has 3,000 listed. So I won’t bore you with inspirational quotations about transition and how good or difficult it is. We all know that change just IS. All of our lives are filled with movement from one stage to another, one opportunity to another, one job to another.

I work with professionals all the time who are navigating transition – some with great success and some with significant struggle along the way. Some people move toward change with excitement and others want to put the brakes on and not even consider how change might benefit them personally and professionally. That’s where I love to come in as a coach. And I want to do more of it in Fairfield County and in Berkshire County.

Transition coaching is for individuals experiencing change either personally OR professionally. Whether he or she is sprinting from one career to another, unemployed and looking for the right-fit job or figuring out an encore career, this flexible program works because it’s tailored to each person.

Some of the outcomes you can expect from transition coaching are:

  • Learn to adapt and deal with challenging transitions
  • Tap into your potential
  • Explore interests, values, strengths and beliefs
  • Identify obstacles which may be slowing success
  • See the power you have to control your life

Ultimately, you and I want the same thing: for you to be happier and more successful.

Transition coaching can happen face-to-face or virtually. Let’s face it: everyone is busy. Virtually coaching frees up so much time. So let’s talk.