Michael Mimnaugh, HIgh Peak Partners

Our Approach

High Peak Partners is a boutique firm featuring the very best in Human Resources and Executive Coaching leaders. We are steeped in big business and global corporate experience, but have the flexibility to adapt to your needs and scale our plans to meet small and mid-sized businesses. We know that regardless of size, people are the essence of business success. And people are our business. We will help you get the most out of your team and map a sustainable plan into the future.

Meet the Team

High Peak Partners values talent above all else, and we demonstrate that in the talent we bring to your business. The depth of knowledge and experience evident in our team leaves us uniquely positioned to tailor programs to you organizational needs and to guide your talent into the C-Suite.

Michael Mimnaugh


Michael Mimnaugh spent more than 25 years as an HR executive and leadership expert for corporate titans including Brown-Forman, Sony Corporation of America, and Itochu International Inc. As a result, he is an expert at spotting and grooming talent and crafting functional HR solutions.

As President of High Peak Partners LLC, Mike works with corporations’ and organizations’ employees one-on-one to enhance their leadership capabilities and increase their self-awareness. He also coaches high potential employees to develop their leadership, communication, and business skills. Clients hire Mike to assist with on-boarding new managers so that they assimilate into the organization more successfully.

At HPP, he focuses on linking the people process with business results. His specialties include global business strategies with multinational corporations and coaching skills that drive change in behavior. Mike has had significant accomplishments in leadership development, employee relations, talent acquisition and management, organizational effectiveness, training, compensation, equity and benefits, internal communications, process improvement, and change management.

He is skilled at influencing and collaborating with stakeholders across complex organizations, and is a trusted advisor and business partner to executive leadership. He possesses a depth of experience working with Japanese companies.

Ed McMahon


Ed McMahon M.S., ODP, began his career as a high school sophomore, "pounding the pavement", successfully selling door -to-door. He then began marketing to corporations as a college freshman, obtaining a wellspring of experience, resulting in positive performance for over four decades.

After graduating from Colgate University, Ed spent the majority of his career at Merrill Lynch; Colgate Palmolive; Coldwell Banker; and The Prudential, including tenure as a COO and CEO of three subsidiaries. For the past two decades, he has been serving as a consultant to myriad corporations, including: Societe Generale; Weichert Real Estate; The Gartner Group; Microsoft, Drake Beam; and Right Associates. Contemporaneously, he has been pursuing his passion for shared - learning as a Professor of Management at two Connecticut- based universities.

Ed's dual career path has allowed him to assist organizations in Human Resources Development, as specifically- related to Global Relocation Management; Corporate Outplacement; Transitional Counseling; Executive Coaching; Team building; and Leadership Development. His over-arching mission is to assist organizations in building achieving sustainable, peak-performing cultures via
individual; group: and overall organizational excellence.

Ed serves his clients 24/7.

Andi Fenster


Andi Fenster honed her executive coaching skills by guiding talent into the C-Suite at Disney, Sony, Liz Claiborne and Under Amour among others. She has expertise in talent sourcing across multiple industries, disciplines and levels. Her deep understanding of HR functions gives HPP an edge when it comes to strategic talent acquisition, employee relations, and organizational development.  Andi is passionate, energetic and believes in the power of grit.

Jay Wolf


For over a decade, Jay Wolf has been considered a visionary leader, expert and disrupter in the areas of leadership development, organizational performance and executive coaching. His is a pioneer in helping organizations of all sizes navigate the new agile business environments. Jays' ground-breaking process of creating Competitive Learning Cultures, based on Auto-Telic Competition and Rapid Learning Theory, has given organizations a path to success.